Our Films

We’ve known Faisal for a long time, 13 years to be exact! So when he came to us with a fully planned proposal for his fiancé its had us a bit surprised. Not because he had found the one, but because he had managed to keep it a secret from all of us for four years! Faisal and Jessie are made for each other  and we can’t wait to see you at your wedding!

Matthew, a Kiwi living in Barcelona met the love of his life, Anastasia on the University of Barcelona Campus a few days after he landed. What makes this more special? Anastasia was the second person he met in Barcelona! How cool is that!! A beautiful mix of Kiwi, Russian and Spanish traditions along with flawless weather made this a day to remember.

Rudo and Oscar. What can I say, it was so wonderful to meet you both and to spend the day with your family and friends. Thank you so much for having us there. We got to immerse ourselves in the Zimbabwean culture, spend the day with some really lovely people and make a few friends along the way,

A beautiful mix of two cultures came together when Holly and Anayet decided to tie the knot. Set in Tai Tapu and enveloped in lush greenery, it sure made for a dreamy scene. Check out our wedding film below.

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